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Copyright issues are always a concern with regard to images of GRACELAND, please note that after speaking to Kelly in the GRACELAND photographic dept (April 2004) my images are for viewing and entertainment purposes only.
I have created this website site as a place to come and just look at things.

I hope the items I have on display in my 'virtual museum' will entertain and interest any Elvis fan but please be aware that I am no chronologist and therefore the items appear in no specific order.
If I come across an item that has a link to or has anything to do with Elvis it might just appear on the site....... eventually.

My only request is that if you find something you would like to use from the site...... e-mail and ask me first !

You might enjoy the odd 'Interview' or even download a desktop wallpaper from the 'downloads' section.

Sit back, relax and take a peak inside the Elvis Presley scrapbook.

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